The OSLN seeks to support high quality summer learning through continuous improvement. We are developing a system of support in which the OSLN member organizations raise awareness about the value of CQI, provide technical assistance, and learn from each other.


This project is led by representatives from PCY, the Oakland Literacy Coalition, and Head Royce.

Next Steps

Assembling summer programs providers, especially key staff connected to program delivery, has proven more difficult than assembling other city leaders and nonprofit organizations. While the current attendees of OSLN meetings do include program providers, more are needed to achieve a critical mass appropriate for collaboration. In order to increase the number of participants, the OSLN is exploring the following options: personal outreach, virtual meeting attendance options rather than exclusively in person meetings, incentives such as free listing of programs at coaching and discounted professional development.

How to Contribute

To join the Program Quality Work Group contact us. To collaborate with work group members directly, see our full member listing.


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