The OSLN seeks to collect and utilize data to raise awareness of the benefits of equitable, high quality summer programming. We are establishing a system for collecting and sharing data in order to better understand the needs of the children and youth being served (and not served), the programs available, and the unmet need for additional quality summer learning opportunities.


This project is a collaboration between PCY, NSLA, OUSD, and OFCY.

Next Steps

This project is leveraging analysis consulting support from the National Summer Learning Association, but the first step is to collect a considerable amount of data about summer learning programs, only some of which is publicly available. PCY will lead the data collection process with the support of an intern, using publicly available data to formulate an outreach list. Organizations identified by the outreach list will be contacted to complete a survey about their programs. Since the survey asks for a considerable amount of information, it may not be realistic to think that providers will complete this request unless required by a funder. To address this concern, we have arranged to obtain the majority of our data from the primary funders of summer programs in Oakland, OUSD and OFCY. With this data, the outreach list can consist primarily of programs we are less connected to. PCY plans to conduct this data collection by the end of 2016. Data will be collected via an online survey.

How to Contribute

To join the Data and Assessment Work Group contact us. To collaborate with work group members directly, see our full member listing.

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