The Oakland Summer Learning Network (OSLN) is a coordinated and collaborative effort to develop a citywide system of quality summer learning opportunities in Oakland, with a focus on improving access for children and youth from under-resourced families. Our vision is that the children and youth of Oakland have equitable access to high quality summer learning opportunities.

Background and History

The OSLN was created in 2011 as a collaborative effort of several private schools, community-based organizations, and government agencies in Oakland, working to expand the number of summer learning opportunities for middle school youth.

For several years, the Rogers Foundation and the Oakland Literacy Coalition took the lead in convening the group. In 2014, the Partnership for Children & Youth adopted the convening role with funding from the Rogers, Scully and Long Foundations.

With consultation from the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), the OSLN has been focused on developing an action plan towards the creation of a more coherent summer learning system across Oakland.

We hope that a citywide system will yield increased equity in access, increased communication between providers of all types, a clearer understanding of the resources available and the needs of the community, a shared vision of quality, and an opportunity to learn from each other.

Progress in 2015

The first objectives were to create and refine the OSLN mission and vision and to set goals and identify projects to address the mission.

We used the NSLA framework of best practices from throughout the country to guide our work.

This was a collaborative process with participants representing a broad range of stakeholders, including public agencies, funders, and community based organizations.

Goals for 2016

  1. Collect and utilize data to raise awareness of the benefits of equitable, high quality summer programming. We are establishing a system for collecting and sharing data in order to better understand the needs of the children and youth being served (and not served), the programs available, and the unmet need for additional quality summer learning opportunities.
  2. Improve communication to increase equitable access to summer programming. We created an interactive and informative guide to summer learning opportunities 
in Oakland.
  3. Support high quality summer learning through continuous improvement. We are developing a system of support in which the OSLN member organizations raise awareness about the value of CQI, provide technical assistance, and learn from each other

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